"It is said that a journey of thousand miles begins with a small step"

An ‘Epiphany’ or the ‘Eureka moment’ is that proverbial small step triggering the journey of an idea en-route to a path breaking Innovation. At Epiphany, we endeavor to encourage, protect and commercialize Innovations.

Our Services

Patent Services

A patentability assessment is carried out to determine whether the idea is ‘patentable’ or not.

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Trademark Services

One of the most valuable assets of a business or a product is the name and goodwill associated with it.

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Copyright Services

Copyright protects expression of thoughts and ideas in the literary, scientific and artistic domain,

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Strategic IP Consulting

Intellectual Property is being increasingly viewed as one of the most valuable intangible assets.

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Latest Announcement

India Innovation Initiative

To promote a culture of innovation, Epiphany's announces the launch of India Innovation Initiative or I3, for 'garage inventors' and 'technology entrepreneurs


Case Study

Case Study 1 (Patent Portfolio Management/ Claim-Chart Mapping)...


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