Trademark Services

Trademark Services

One of the most valuable assets of a business or a product is the name and goodwill associated with it. Business houses and people today are more aware of the importance of a registered trademark and therefore, are readily investing in marks that may have millions of dollars worth of goodwill. However, applying for a trademark does not guarantee that the mark will be registered. This may be due to many reasons such as adoption of a trademark confusingly similar to a trademark currently in use by other. Business houses invest heavily for advertising their name and products and sometimes falter at the most crucial phase in getting their marks registered.

At Epiphany, we are specialized and dedicated to protecting the innovations and names that drive businesses around the worldwide. Protecting the name may very well be the most important business decision to be made and as such, before the business houses spends time and money investing in their business, we make absolutely sure that the name is not already owned by someone else and that it is available for use.

Some of the services we offer in this regard are:

  • - Trademark Search
  • - Trademark Filing and Prosecution Support
  • - Trademark Enforcement Support

Trademark search

Business houses need professional guidance to make a good business decision. A trademark search acts as a preemptive measure to determine whether or not the same or a similar name is already in use by others and to ensure the availability of the name. We have registered trademark attorneys who are well versed with every aspect of trademark laws and their applicability. Our trademark attorneys search for "confusingly similar" names and also for other eight statutory reasons for rejection, in order to give a reasonable guidance. The trademark search includes a search of up to date databases of trademark Offices of all the major jurisdictions in the world for all registered, pending, expired, canceled or abandoned trademarks and service marks, common law, and domain names.

Trademark Filing and Prosecution Support

Trademarks are territorial rights and have to be registered in each jurisdiction for protection. However, though the substantial principles are same, procedural differences exist between different jurisdictions. Due to our network of foreign associates in all the jurisdictions, we assist our clients in filing and prosecuting their trademark applications in all the jurisdictions in a cost-effective manner.

Trademark Enforcement Support

We focus on protection of trademarks of our clients by keeping a vigilant eye on the market and monitoring the trademark databases for any marks similar to our client’s trademarks. Our clients indulge in businesses in a variety of domestic and international markets operating in major industry sectors, such as software, hardware, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, media and e-commerce. It is our solemn endeavor to prevent infringement of trademarks of our clients.

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