Strategic IP Consulting

Strategic IP Consulting

Intellectual Property is being increasingly viewed as one of the most valuable intangible assets. Managing this important asset requires strategic planning along the lines of the company’s vision. We help clients manage and exploit their Intellectual Property to its full potential.

Managing Intellectual Property, by itself, spawns a broad range of services based on client’s requirements and preferences. For instance, for a large corporation, it could mean classification of an entire portfolio of patents, copyrights and trademarks, and, further benchmarking its portfolio against competitor’s IP portfolio. Such an exercise may provide invaluable insight such as identification of trends in technology curve, understanding of competitor’s strategic focus, identification of gap in protection afforded by existing patent portfolio etc., which in turn may help the corporation in streamlining its focus and directing its future R&D spend in more fruitful ways.

Intellectual Property, of recent, is also playing a vital part in company’s plans of growth through mergers and acquisitions. We help clients identify synergies in IP portfolio and even identification of seed patents for facilitating decision making for potential M&A activity.

Commercialization of Technology through sale of patents and in/out/exclusive licensing of technology have enabled companies like IBM and Texas Instruments generate substantial revenues and add an annual revenue stream. Buyers of technology have also managed to jumpstart their ventures and add to the profitability by altogether skipping the initial investment in R&D and subsequent processes. We facilitate the process of technology transfer and licensing between buyers and sellers of technology by matching interests of respective parties and providing platforms for negotiations.

For individual inventors/scientists/ R&D personnel, managing Intellectual Property would mean providing hand-holding support through stages of IP life-cycle from conceptualization and protection to commercialization stage.

We also undertake educational initiatives and impart lectures and training to interested parties which range from employees in an organization, R&D personnel to aspiring college students.

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