Company DNA

Company DNA !

The DNA along with our Mission binds our team together and makes us unique. The following qualities define our DNA:

Accountability – At Epiphany, we lay stress on ‘accountability through actions’ not only for our clients and investors but also for our fellow team members.

Adaptability – We recognize that our clients have unique requirements and no ‘one-size fits all’ solution exists. We deal with Innovations and there is no reason why we cannot be innovative with our solutions. So, we creatively adapt to various client requirements and preferences, be it cost consideration, an impossible deadline, requirement for a dedicated team of Epiphany team members or even relocating to on-site location for confidentiality requirements.

Joy – We believe that happiness of team members is paramount for ensuring happiness of clients. So at Epiphany, we work towards creating a joyous environment conducive to providing a quality service.

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